There is a place in our ranks for YOU!

Grant's Company, headed by James and Sarah Puzar, depicts the era of 1776 as the regiment arrived in New York. From uniforms to the military drill, this unit strives to portray a historically accurate soldier.

Grant's Company has been presenting living history for over twelve years, and is often seen around historical events around Michigan, in addition to larger east coast events and as far as Peurto Rico! Members become members of the British Brigade, and have an option to join the Battles of the American Revolution (BAR). However, despite our commitment to soldierly conduct, this group is not for men alone. Women are welcome on the line as long as they are able to fulfill the soldierly duties.


A family regiment, women are able to demonstrate their craft, from cooking, sewing to caring for the children. Meals at most events are cooked by the campfollowers, and eaten together. Everyone has a role that is just as important as the next. Not all of our "camp followers" are women. Some people offer different roles than the typical surgeon, such as the surgeon and "Ben Franklin" who runs the Salty Lantern, a sutlery. If firing a weapon is not for you, there is still a place for you if you are passionate about history!


Reenacting is both an enjoyable hobby and an educational experience. As historical demonstrators, one becomes a teacher through words and actions. However, don't feel intimidated, everyone can learn! With a little time and a love of history, everyone can learn the history and become efficient at the drill.


The full cost of the uniform can range up to $2,000 (including the smooth bore Brown Bess musket), but do not let cost be an impediment to joining us. This group offers a "Loaner Box" with items of several sizes to fully equip beginners. So, bring your passion for history and contact us for more information! 

Take the King's Shilling!

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